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19Feb 2023
XG silicone for 3D embossed logo on T-shirt

How to make an embossed effect on T-shirt by liquid silicone ink two component printing silicone ink? fabric silicone ink embossing process 3D embossing label making by silicone ink process: EMBOSSING SILICONE INK XG-360KY & XG-360BH printing and emboss 4.Set temp temp and time : Upper mold 180 degree Bottom mold 120-170 degree Embossing time 8-15 seconds. […]

19Dec 2022
High density screen printing silicone for elastic ribbon,3D prin

High density screen printing silicone for elastic ribbon 3D printing silicone anti-slip silicone printing for tapes How to print silicone on elastic tapes by auto-table screen printing machine? Preparation: Heating Temp and time: Flash cure temp :100℃- 120℃ for 6-10 seconds, after finish printing to dry by temp :120℃- 140℃ for about 2 -3 minutes. […]

23Nov 2022
3D silicone toothbrush printing screen printing silicone ink

How to print tooth brush silicone effect on elastic taps? Preparation: Elastic Silicone ink printing tips: Elastic silicone                 XG-130D-3   100 G Elastic silicone catalyst         XG-130DB    10 G 10% Silicone thinner               XG-128AH    10-20G 10%- 20% Flash by 80℃-100℃ for 6-10 seconds. Elastic silicone             XG-130D       100 G Black pigment             XG-501         10G   10%   Elastic silicone catalyst    XG-130DB      10G […]

31Oct 2022
CMYK HD glossy silicone printing on elastic tap

How to print CMYK silicone & glossy silicone effect on elastic taps? Preparation: Mesh&Squeegee: HD and glossy screen Mesh number 120-150 (48-59T), CMYK Mesh number300(120T) ; Squeegee 65-75 degrees Squeegee sharp and flat. Pigments added ratio: For white and fluorescent colors 20%, other colors 10% Catalyst mixing ratio:10% Silicone thinner XG-128AH adding ratio:10-20% :20% Heating […]

18Aug 2022
HD glossy golden silicone ink screen printing

How to Print HD glossy golden silicone Effect? Preparation: Mesh&Squeegee: 120(48T) Mesh number; 65-75 degree Squeegee. Pigments added ratio: For white and fluorescent colors 20%, other colors 10%, glitter powders 10%. Catalyst mixing ratio: 2% slow dry XG-866B-1 and fast dry XG-866B-2 can mix together for use. Silicone thinner XG-128A adding ratio: 0-20% Silicone thinner is not necessary for hand printing Heating Temp and […]

18Jul 2022

Mesh number 80-120 (32-48T) Embossing printing silicone ink and catalyst Mixing Ratio: Embossing silicone ink  XG-360KY-55:  50G Embossing silicone catalyst XG-360BH:   5G   (mixing ratio 10%) Silicone thinner  XG-128AH: not necessary Print mixing silicone ink on the backside of the fabric Machine temp set temp : Upper mold 180 degree Bottom mold 120-150 degree Can stick a thin […]

09Jul 2022

Preparation: Mesh: 30-60(12T-24T) to make a thick screen by emulsion. Better to use Hollow aluminum. Pigments added ratio:2-4% Catalyst mixing ratio:2% Thinner XG-128AH adding ratio:0-10% thinner is not necessary Heating Temp and time: 120℃ -150℃ for 6-12 seconds, Heating time depends on drying temp. Silicone ink mixing tips: Printing silicone       XG-15A        60G Catalyst               XG-15B       1.2G  (2%) Pigment              XG-           1.2-2.4G  (2-4%) […]

21Jun 2022

First ,Preparation: Mesh&Squeegee: 120-150(48T-60T) Mesh number; 65-70 degree Squeegee. Fixer mixing ratio:2% Flash and curing temp: 80℃- 100℃ or by room temp Second , printing process: 1 HD PU water based nylon Ink print for 6-12 layers : HD PU water based nylon Ink     XGS-806          300 G Fixer                            XGS-339           6G  2%    Flash by 80℃- 100℃ or by room temp 2 Red color […]

09May 2022

Preparation: Mesh: 180-300(70T-120T) Mesh number ; Squeegee:70-75 degree Flat Squeegee Fixer mixing ratio: 9103 Fixer mixing ratio 1-2% (If under coating clear SND-110 to mix fixer SND-110B 10%) Reducer :0-20% Flash by air or heating by 40-60℃ Cure by waiting over 12 hours or heat by 40-60℃ for 30 minutes Solvent based ink printing process: 1.Under coating Clear SND-110AB print […]

15Apr 2022

Firstly, to print under printing, Second, to print white silicone, Third, to print colorful silicone, Fourth, to print chameleon powder with printing silicone ink, In the end, to print glossy silicone ink. For the printing process kindly follow the below tips. Screen printing silicone ink preparation and screen printing silicone mixing ratio: 1.Mesh & Squeegee […]


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