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Xinguang Silicon Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Yirun Silicone Co., Ltd.

Xinguang Silicone Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a Manufacturing factory of Printing silicone ink. Then, Along with the development, Xingguan Silicone moved to Huizhou and established a new manufacturing base, and found a new company Huizhou Yirun Silicone Co., Ltd. in 2018.

Following the principle of “Environmental protective, high quality and service” and policy of “develop the integrated technology of screen printing, transfer printing and UV, silicone ink”, the company is becoming a  professional manufacturer of environment-friendly screen printing silicone ink, machine printing silicone, shoelace-dipping silicone ink, thermoset pulp and organic silicon products.



We specialized in manufacturing and sales of screen printing silicone ink on Fabric. Especially our Silicone Embossing and Silicone Heater Transfer is very welcomed by customers.  Our silicone products have passed the test of REACH and ECO PASSPORT environment protection requirements, NIKE RSL, ADIDAS A-01, follow the standard and Certificate of REACH, ECO PASSPORT.

Along with the development of science and technology, Xinguang & Yirun welcome all partners in the textile Fabric and silicone printing industry to join us for mutual development.

Any questions or inquiries, welcome to contact us at ceo-y@xgsilicon.com or call us at +8613825409489.

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