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12Oct 2021

Preparation: Mesh: 30-60(12T-24T) to make thick screen by emulsion. Better to use Hollow aluminum. Pigments added ratio: 2-4% Catalyst mixing ratio: 2%  Thinner XG-128AH adding ratio: 0-10%    thinner is not necessary Heating Temp and time: 120℃ -150℃ for 6-12 seconds, Heating time depends on drying temp. Silicone ink mixing tips: Printing silicone       XG-15A+        60G Catalyst               XG-15B+       1.2G  (2%) Pigment              XG-           1.2-2.4G […]

27Sep 2021

We XG Silicone (Xinguang Silicone) Jiangxi Xinguang Co., Ltd. & Huizhou Yirun silicone Co., Ltd. are specializing in producing textile printing silicone ink that both for machine and hand printing with long printing time and easy drying, less waste and easy print, no need retarder and others agent to expend print printing time for machine […]

25Sep 2021

Silicone ink, as we said, there are many kinds of use. It can be used for making molds, patterns, and prints in many industries, such as the food industry, shoes making industry, and also the fabric T-shirt printing Industry. According to customers’ needs, there are various kinds of silicone suppliers. XingGuang Silicone (Huizhou Yirun Silicone […]

19Jan 2021

Transfer HD glossy silicone stickers making tips Silicone ink PET films: To choose matte coating PET films Mesh number: 120-200, Mesh(screen film )thickness 0.1-0.2MM, it depends on printing Artworks. Squeegee:65-80 degrees. Printing tips: Hot melt glue XG-360R-2print for 6-8times When printing glue to use cyclohexanoneto liquid the glue, mixing ratio 10%.This type of glue easy to be […]

13Dec 2020

What is Silicone Ink? Silicone ink, also called screen printing silicone or silicone-based ink is a kind of environmentally protective screen printing ink that is used for printing on fabric and leather. for example, on T-shirts or Shoes. It is mainly used in the textile printing industry. It is a very good substitute for traditional oil-based screen […]

25Nov 2020

Last Month on 28th to 30th October, The 34th CSGIA/Textile Digital Printing (China) Expo and China (Shenzhen) International Screen Printing and Digital Printing Technology Fair were held in Shenzhen New International Exhibition Center. Xingguang Silicone (XG Silicone), as a main and professional global silicone ink manufacturer supplier, Participated the Expo. The fair also called DS […]

26Oct 2020

China (Shenzhen) International Screen Printing and Digital Printing Technology FairThe 34th CSGIA / Textile Digital Printing (China) ExpoDigital Printing (China) ExpoExpo name:Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (New venue,near the airport)Date: 2020.10.28 -30Booth number:E171-176, Hall No: 10 We are specializing in producing textile silicone ink :Machine printing silicone ink (both for machine and hand printing HD, […]

22Jul 2020

China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo from XG siliconeExpo name : Poly World Trade Center Expo.Pazhou GuangzhouDate: 2020.08.04 -06Booth number:T043, Hall No: 1 We are specializing in producing textile silicone ink :Machine printing silicone ink (both for machine and hand printing HD, glossy ,matte ,puff…),heat transfer silicone ink and materials ,natural drying silicone ink for […]

12Jun 2020

After printing silicone ink color layer then print Glossy silicone ink for top coating: Glossy top coating for 1-2 times:Glossy silicone ink XG-399-3 50GFast dry catalyst XG-866B-2 1G 2% If for machine printing to use slow dry catalyst.Thinner XG-128AH thinner is not necessary for hand printing, 5-10% is enough for machine printing. Cure by temp […]