Fabric screen printing is a common printing technology that is widely used in printing T-shirts, shirts, cloth and other fabric products. During the fabric screen printing process, choosing the right ink type is crucial to the printing effect. Here are some common types of screen printing on fabric inks:

Water-based ink:Water-based inks are the most common type of ink used in screen printing on fabric. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, harmlessness, bright color and comfortable hand feel. Water-based ink is diluted with water during the printing process and does not contain toxic and harmful volatile organic compounds. It meets environmental protection requirements and is suitable for printing pure cotton or blended fabrics.

Rubber ink:Rubber ink is another common type of screen printing on fabric ink. It has good adhesion, durability and color stability. The patterns printed with rubber ink are bright in color and soft to the touch, and are suitable for pattern printing that requires three-dimensionality and texture.

Acrylic ink:Acrylic ink is composed of acrylic resin, pigments, fillers, etc. It has good adhesion and durability. The printed patterns are clear, colorful and not easy to fade. Acrylic ink is suitable for pattern printing that requires high precision and high resolution.

Silicone ink:Silicone ink is a special type of screen printing on fabric ink that offers features such as softness and elasticity. It is composed of silicone resin, pigments, fillers, etc. The printed patterns feel comfortable and delicate, and are suitable for pattern printing that requires three-dimensionality and texture.

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