• XinGuang Silicone Printing Ink
    Slicone Printing Ink Expert Manufacturer for Various Kinds of Fabrics and Garments
  • Xinguang & Yirun
    Xinguang & Yirun Own Modern Manfufacturing Base Buiding Located in Huizhou City China.
  • Manufacturing & Testing Equipments
    Xinguang Silicone Ink's Manufacturing and Testing Equipments Ensures the Quality and Delivery.
  • Sample Room & Show Room
    Modern Sampling Room and Show Room for Excellent Testing and Experience.

Questions & Answers?

Weclome to ask questions to Xinguang & Yirun, Xinguang & Yirun Slicone would like to provide some frequent asked questions to all customers and welcome customers to ask new questions to us.

  1. What is the company structure of Xinguang & Yirun?

    Xinguang & Yirun are two companies that owned by one Boss, Xinguang Silicone has two production bases, one is in Ganzhou city, Jiangxin Province, Another is in Huizhou city, Guangdong Province. So there are two companies in different regions. But they are all Xinguang Slicone.

  2. What are the Main Products Xinguang & Yirun Provide?

    Xinguang & Yirun Concentrate on the Envrionmental Printing Inks for Various kinds of materials (fabircs, grament pieces, leather, shoes etc). The Main cateogry is the Silicone Printing Inks. Espcially the Machine Printing Silicone inks.

  3. How to Distingish Machine Printing Silicone Ink and Manual Printing Silicone Ink?

    Usually, Most Machine Printing Silicone inks can be used for Manual Silicone Printing; But Not all Manual Printing Silicone inks can be used for Machine Silicone Printing. Machine Printing Silicone Inks are superior and have higher technical values.

  4. What Countries and Regions are Using Xinguang Silicone Products?

    Xinguang Silicone has been exported to Many Countries Including South East Asian Countries Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. and many domestic customers around Guangdong province, Fujian province also using Xinguang Silicone products.

  5. How to find Xinguang & YIrun Silicone?

    Xinguang & Yirun is located in the New Dongtaiheng Industrial Zone, Huizhou city, Guangdong province China. With Office and Manufacturing Base integrated, Xinguang & Yirun could provide more effeicent service to customers. Welcome to contact us by email: ceo-y@xgsilicon.com or call us by +86 13825409489 or 4009923489.



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