HD Transfer Silicone Ink XG-20AH

For silicone heat transfer printing with good high-density effect and washing test. Package:16KG/20KG.

Underwear Bonding Silicone Ink XG-866NY

Heating Temp and time: Flash cure temp : 120℃ for 6-10 seconds ,Drying temp :100℃for about 10 minutes.

Underwear Bonding Silicone Ink

Underwear bonding silicone ink print 5 layers; To print Underwear bonding silicone ink wet on wet two layers.

Transfer Silicone Catalyst XG-360B-2

Transfer Silicone Catalyst, mixing ratio 10%. Mixed with Transfer Silicone Ink for Textile Fabric Silicone Printing.

Transfer Silione Ink XG-360W-2

For heat transfer printing, mixed with glitter or powders. Sportswear undercoating and color layer printing. CMYK printing with good fastness and elasticity.

Soft Smooth Matte Dipping Silicone XG-866M-6

Dipping tips for hard hand feel and dipping silicone ink and soft smooth dipping silicone ink


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