Screen printing is a common and cost-effective method of printing T-shirts, which can achieve colorful patterns and designs on T-shirts. In this article, we will share the steps to make a Screen printing T-shirt.

1. Design pattern: First, there needs to be a clear pattern design. The design can be hand-drawn or computer-generated. Make sure the resolution of the pattern is high enough so that it remains clear when printed.

2. Prepare the screen version: Make the screen version according to the design pattern. This step is usually completed by a professional plate making company. During the production process of screen printing, fine adjustments are required according to the color and details of the pattern.

3. Prepare T-shirts: Choose a suitable T-shirt, making sure its material and color match the pattern. The T-shirt should be placed flat on the printing table so that the pattern can be accurately printed on the garment when printing.

4. Color mixing and printing: According to the color of the design pattern, adjust the corresponding ink. Then, place the screen plate on the T-shirt and use a scraper to scrape the ink through the openings of the screen plate so that the ink can penetrate into the fibers of the T-shirt. This step requires certain skills and experience to ensure that the printed pattern is uniform and full in color.

5. Drying and color fixing: After printing is completed, place the T-shirt in a dryer to dry it so that the ink can be better fixed on the T-shirt. Then, a color fixing process can be performed to improve the durability and color vividness of the pattern.

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