In the field of textile printing, choosing the right silicone oil is crucial to ensure printing effect, color stability and fabric comfort. However, among the many silicone oil products, how to choose the most suitable one? Here are some key factors when choosing silicone ink for textile applications:

Washing resistance:High-quality silicone ink for textile should have good washability, so that the printed pattern can remain clear and non-fading even after multiple washes.

Color stability:The stability of silicone oil on printing colors is also an important consideration. High-quality silicone oil should be able to maintain the vivid color of the printed pattern and prevent it from fading or fading easily. This ensures long-lasting print quality and makes the textile more attractive.

Hand comfort:High-quality silicone oil should be able to make the printed pattern form a soft and comfortable feel on the fabric without making the fabric hard or wrinkled. This comfortable feel can improve the wearing comfort of textiles and enhance user experience.

Environmental protection:When choosing silicone ink for textile use, you need to consider its environmental protection. High-quality silicone oil should be environmentally friendly and harmless, contain no toxic and harmful ingredients, and comply with international environmental standards.

If you have any questions about choosing silicone ink for textile use or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

We specialize in the production of liquid silicone inks for textile screen printing. We have a professional team of engineers who can provide you with the most suitable solution, including silicone ink selection, dosage ratio and operating procedures.

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