In the field of screen printing, choosing the right silicone ink for screen printing is crucial. Silicone ink, as a popular choice, has become an irreplaceable choice because of its unique characteristics and advantages. Let’s uncover the benefits of silicone ink and see why it’s ideal for screen printing.

1. Elasticity and adaptability: It has excellent elasticity and adaptability and can easily adapt to various printing substrates of different materials and shapes. Whether it is flat printing or complex curved surface printing, it can do the job, bringing greater flexibility and diversity to printing.

2. High adhesion: It has excellent adhesion and can firmly adhere to the surface of the printing substrate to ensure the stability and durability of the printed matter. It performs well whether printing at high speed or on complex surfaces, providing longer-lasting protection for printed matter.

3. Wear resistance and weather resistance: It has good wear resistance and weather resistance, and can withstand long-term use and environmental tests. Under severe weather conditions, it can keep the colors of the printed matter bright and the patterns clear, ensuring that the printed matter remains in good condition for a long time.

4.Transparency and glossiness: Silicone ink has excellent transparency and glossiness, which can produce excellent printing effects, making printed matter look clearer, brighter and three-dimensional.

5.Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: Silicone ink is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials and complies with international environmental standards and print quality standards. It is popular for its environmentally friendly and non-toxic characteristics.

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