Silicone Ink for Elastic Taps & Ribbons & Shoes

Dipping Silicone Ink Natural Drying for Shoelace

Four types of catalysts: Fast dry, mid dry, slow dry, and Extra slow dry. Easy dry, easy pigment. Good fastness and washing. Suitable for shoelace dipping tipping.

Machine Printing Elastic Silicone Ink XG-866A-LK

Excellent elastic and fastness with soft hand-feel. For fabrics & ribbons with high elasticity undercoating or color layer print, CMYK print. Suitable for Machine Printing.

Silicone Printing Ink for Shoes XG-866A-50

Good wear resistance, fastness and washing. Easy pigments, easy cure, easy high-density effect. Suitable for shoe uppers printing. Can get glossy and matte effect.


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