Silicone Printing Additives

Transfer Silicone Catalyst XG-360B-2

Transfer Silicone Catalyst, mixing ratio 10%. Mixed with Transfer Silicone Ink for Textile Fabric Silicone Printing.

Hot Melt Powder for Silicone Heat Transfer Logos

For silicone heat transfer printing with good fastness and washing test. Appearance: white color powder. Package:5-20KG packages.

Flocking Silicone XG-10000A

Flocking Silicone For cotton, cotton blended fabric, and polyester flocking with good washing test result. Print with Flock silicone catalyst.

Silicone Heat Transfer Glug XG-360R-2

For silicone heat transfer printing with good elastic and washing test. Appearance: Milky liquid. Package:16KG.

Silicone Ink Crossing linker XG-360Z-1

For heat transfer as mid-layer between silicone ink and glue, with good washing test results. For special Nylon fabric and specially coated fabric for undercoating.

Siliocne Nylon Agent XG-70#

Suitable for the waterproof or special coated fabric undercoating printing with excellent rubbing resistance. To mix with HD silicone ink or round silicone get stronger adhesion.

Silicone Corssing linker Agent XG-360ZB

Crossing linker harder, mixing ratio 10%. Mixed with Silicone Ink for Textile Silicone Printing. Appearance: transparent liquid. Package: 0.1 KG.

Silicone Agent for Waterproof Fabric XG-110AB

For Nylon and specially coated fabric undercoating printing for good adhesion. Mixing ratio 10%. Appearance: Light tawny liquid. Package: 4KG.

Silicone Thinner XG-128AH

To dilute silicone, reduce the viscosity, for glossy silicone to make the leveling time shorter. Thinner is not necessary, less thinner can get a better smooth layer and easy to be high density.

Silicone Fast Dry Catalyst XG-866B-2

Silicone hardner, make the silicone to be Completely cured. Suitable for hand printing, cold area and Winter. Working time can be adjusted by operating temperature.

Silicone Slow Dry Catalyst XG-866B-1

Silicone hardner, make silicone to be Completely cured. Suitable for machine printing and hot weather area and Summer. can be mixing with fast dry to get mid dry.

Silicone Retarder XG-90#-1

Extend the operation time, to be used for silicone machine printing. Appearance: transparent liquid. Package: 1 KG.

Flocking Silicone Hardner

Flocking silicone hardner, make the silicone to be Completely cured. Suitable for hand and machine silicone printing.

XG Silicone Transfer Glue

XG-360R-2X: Good elastic and washing test for cotton, polyster, nylon fabric heat transfer.

Crossing Linker of Transfer Printing Silicone

XG-360Z-2X: For heat transfer, Crossing linker harder mixing ratio of 6%. New crossing linker, paste, easy for printing.

Anti-Slip Silicone Catalyst

Anti-slip silicone hardner, make the silicone ink to be Completely cured. Mixing ratio 2%.


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