Exhibition name: Saudi Stitch & Tex 2023.

Exhibition time: October 9 – October 11, 2023.

Exhibition Address: Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Saudi textile market is already one of the highly growing markets in the Arab region, and the main sales areas are concentrated in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, the three major cities, and Jeddah, as a city with more support and investment in recent years, its share and the demand for daily consumer goods are still significantly insufficient, and the market demand is very strong.

The Middle East apparel and textile products almost all rely on imports, especially China’s apparel and textile imports continue to rise. Saudi Arabia imports 4 billion US dollars of clothing textiles annually, and Chinese products account for 37%, ranking second only to Europe.

The exhibits range from clothing and accessories, footwear, fabrics, accessories, accessories, yarn, machinery and other categories. Looking back at the expo, the scene of the hot and wonderful vividly.

The continuous flow of visitors highlights the prosperity of the garment industry, the scene of hot business docking boosted the confidence in the development of the garment industry, emerging in an endless stream of new products and new technologies indicate the future trend of green and high-quality development of the garment industry.

The latest products and services of our company were displayed during the exhibition. At the exhibition, we displayed the company’s silicone screen printing cloth sample and the company’s latest products. Attracted many viewers to stop to watch and ask questions. At the same time, we also provide personalized consultation and solutions for exhibiting customers, which have been unanimously praised. Through this exhibition, we have expanded the company’s influence, enhanced the communication with customers and peer enterprises, and laid a solid foundation for future development.

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