Exhibition name:Dhaka International Yarn & Fabric Show 2023

Exhibition time: September 13- 16, 2023

Exhibition Address: Dhaka International Convention Center (ICCB Exhibition Hall)

September 13-16, 2023 International Textile exhibition has been a perfect curtain call, Xinguang Yirun Silicone Co., Ltd. thanks to the invitation of Bangladesh partners, the types of exhibits cover clothing fabrics, accessories, yarns, dyes and technical services, a wide range of exhibits. Our company has four exhibitors, prepared a variety of silicone and various processes of screen printing cloth samples to show you, bringing the latest products and process effects. The exhibition aims to promote exchanges with Bangladeshi partners and help them develop a broader market for silicone raw materials.

Textile fabrics are Bangladesh’s export industry, with exports of more than $7 billion, and 75% of the fabrics of more than 4,500 garment factories need to be imported from other countries. The huge potential and market opportunities have led to the continuous growth of the country’s garment textile industry year after year, the import demand for yarn and fabric accessories continues to grow, the rapid development of the textile industry in Bangladesh, labor, raw material costs are very cheap; The production of textiles exported to many European and American countries without quotas; The government has taken active measures to support Bangladesh textile industry enterprises and introduced a series of preferential policies. Now is a good time to enter the Bangladesh market.

This time, Xinguang Yirun Silicone Co., Ltd. appeared in the Bangladesh Textile Industry exhibition, attracting a large number of exhibitors for our company and Bangladeshi partners to stop and consult, our company’s brand is also known by more Bangladeshi textile enterprises, improve brand awareness in the international market, accelerate the pace of promoting the internationalization of enterprises, adhere to win-win cooperation, so that products and technology benefit the world.

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