Exhibition name: CFT Asia

Exhibition time: March 10-12, 2023

Exhibition address: Karachi Exhibition Center, Pakistan.

The three-day Pakistan Textile and Fabric Exhibition 2023 was successfully held, and the exhibits covered textile fabrics, clothing accessories, fiber yarns, textile raw materials, textile machinery and so on. It is an important platform for Pakistan textile industry to develop new products, find business opportunities and expand channels. The exhibition gathers excellent brands in the industry, displays cutting-edge products, technologies and solutions, and is a must for our company to promote products, seek cooperation and solve trends in Pakistan.

The textile industry is one of the advantages of Pakistan, the GDP contribution value of about 8.5%, Pakistan’s textile capacity in Asia ranks third, after China and India, the production of about 5% of the global textile total, the textile industry has about 15 million workers. In recent years, Pakistan’s textile industry has been strongly supported by the government, from 2016 to cancel the value-added tax on textiles, in order to increase the international competitiveness of Pakistani textiles, more favorable is, with the “One Belt and One Road” national strategy, as well as the deepening of international production capacity cooperation, the investment prospects of Pakistan’s textile industry are optimistic.

Pakistan textile industry and textile fabric exhibition is the most influential textile industry exhibition in Pakistan, our company has participated in Pakistan textile industry and textile fabric exhibition for several consecutive years, the exhibition is getting better and better, the support of the government and all parties is also increasing, our company is also carrying the latest research and development of silicone products and cloth samples to the exhibitors. The novel products make the passing visitors shine, and our staff also introduce the products and processes to the people who come to visit, so that customers can understand our products and remember our products.

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