Silicone transfer vinyl sticker

01 Product

Silicone transfer vinyl sticker usually refers to a kind of film made of silicone material for lettering. This kind of film is mainly used in advertising, signage, decoration and other industries, and can be used to make various fonts and patterns. The silicone material itself has good temperature resistance, weather resistance and flexibility, making this lettering film particularly useful in outdoor advertising and sign making. Users can use an engraving knife or a laser engraving machine to engrave text or patterns on the silicone film, which can then be pasted onto the corresponding surface.

02 Features

A.Silicone material is able to withstand extreme climate changes, including high and low temperatures and humidity variations, making silicone lettering film perform well in outdoor environments.

B.The elasticity of silicone allows this film to easily bend and adapt to different surfaces during application, as well as being easy to peel and reuse without breaking.

C.Silicone transfer vinyl sticker are usually very self-adhesive and can be firmly attached to a wide range of material surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, etc.

D.Silicone is a non-toxic material, safe and environmentally friendly, suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising and decoration.

E.Silicone material can delicately present the details of engraved characters and patterns, suitable for the production of complex patterns.

03 Advantages

A.Compared with other materials, Ithas better durability and is more suitable for long-term outdoor use.

B.Can be applied to different surfaces, suitable for a wide range of commercial and personal projects.

C.Easy to cut and apply, can be processed manually or mechanically, convenient for users to customize according to their needs.

D.Less frequent maintenance and replacement due to its weather resistance and durability.

E.Provides a smooth surface and excellent visual effect for enhanced visual appeal.

04 FAQ

Q1:How to install Silicone transfer vinyl sticker?

Clean and dry the surface, peel off the protective layer on the backside and apply the film flatly on the target surface. Use a squeegee to flatten the film from the center outward to exclude air bubbles.

Q2:What is the service life of Silicone transfer vinyl sticker?

Usually, the service life of it can be up to 5 years or longer, depending on the external environment and the quality of the material.

Q3:Can it be reused?

Yes, its flexibility and adhesion allow for some degree of reuse without damaging the film or the surface.

Q4:How to clean Silicone transfer vinyl sticker?

Usually a gentle wipe with a mild detergent and a soft cloth is sufficient, avoid using corrosive detergents that may damage the surface of the film.



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