PU High Density Paste

01 Product

PU High Density Paste is different from traditional printing paste, as if the paste is repeatedly piled up to give a unique three-dimensional effect to the garment, so that the wearer exudes a unique charm in every step.

02 Advantage

PU High Density Paste is not an ordinary printing paste, it can form a very neat and clear three-dimensional effect on the fabric. This special paste is not only suitable for sports and leisure style clothing, but also in the printing of floral patterns have a unique use, commonly used in fall and winter clothing leather or thicker fabrics. Cotton, cotton spandex, nylon, non-woven fabrics, calico and other types of fabrics can be perfectly combined with water-based thick board paste, showing different textures and effects.

Its uniqueness lies not only in its appearance, but also in its excellent characteristics. Strong sense of three-dimensionality, soft hand, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, yellowing resistance, superior coverage and strong adhesion, these characteristics make water-based thick board paste become one of the favorite choices of many fashion designers.

03 Operation

In operation, the production of screen plate requires the use of thick plate photopolymerization pulp, this product is not easy to plug the net at room temperature, too thick can be added to the appropriate amount of water slurry, do not add water, choose 100-150 mesh screen, each pattern printed 3-5 times, and then wait for the table to dry after printing for about 20 minutes or so. Natural drying takes 28 hours, after drying more can support 46 degrees of washing, to ensure that the printing does not bud edge, showing its durable quality.

PU High Density Paste brings consumers a more textured and layered wearing experience. It is not only a craft, but also an artistic expression.

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