Water based Three-dimensional gold paste

01 Product

Water based Three-dimensional gold paste is typically used in arts and crafts for creating raised, metallic finishes on various surfaces. It’s popular in projects that require a gold embellishment with a textured look, such as on canvas, paper, or even textiles.

Water based Three-dimensional gold paste are preferred for their ease of use, quick drying times, and non-toxic properties compared to solvent-based alternatives. They can be applied using a palette knife, brush, or through a stencil to achieve raised designs. Once dry, they usually maintain a bright, metallic gold finish that adds a luxurious touch to artwork and crafts.

02 Uses

A.Ideal for creating textured effects and adding metallic touches to paintings and mixed media art.

B.Used in scrapbooking, card making, and decorative gift wrapping to add a luxurious gold finish.

C.Applied to decorative items such as frames, vases, and furniture to enhance their appearance with a gold accent.

D.Can be used on fabrics for fashion or decorative purposes, adding a 3D gold texture to clothing, bags, and home textiles like cushions and curtains.

E.Useful in schools for art classes to teach students about textures and effects in art.

03 Advantages

A.Water based Three-dimensional gold paste which means it contains fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than solvent-based pastes, making it better for the environment and safer to use indoors.

B.Generally safer for use by all ages, including children, as it lacks harsh chemicals.

C.Can be cleaned off brushes and surfaces with soap and water, avoiding the need for harsh chemical cleaners.

D.Dries quicker than oil-based alternatives, which is convenient for artists and crafters who wish to complete their projects in less time.

E.Works well on a variety of surfaces including paper, canvas, wood, and fabric, providing a versatile option for different crafts and projects.

F.Offers a rich, metallic gold finish that stands out, providing a high-quality look to any project.

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