Dipping Ink for Ropes & Tape, Shoelace Dipping Ink Tips Color effect to dip 2-4 times:

 Dipping ink    XGF-5338/5338C     100G (5338C harder hand feel)

 Color pigments                   2-4G    2-4%

 Fixer        XGF-313            1-2G    1-2%

Purified water                    5-20G   5-20% 

If need glossy effect after color to dip Glossy Dipping Ink XGF-110L for 1 time:

Glossy Dipping Ink  XGF-110L  100G  

Fixer             XGF-313   1-2G   1-2%

 Purified water               5-20G   5-20%

If need matte effect to use Matte Dipping Ink XGF-110M to instead of Dipping ink XGF-5338/5338C to dip color effect:

Matte Dipping ink   XGF-110M   100G

Color pigments                 2-4G   2-4%

 Fixer             XGF-313     1-2G   1-2%

Purified water                 5-20G   5-20%

Dry by room temp every dipping.

XG silicone Shoelace dipping silicone

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