1.Mesh&Squeegee: 120(48T) Mesh number ;65-75 degree Squeegee

2.Catalyst mixing ratio:3-4% after mixing with catalyst about 1- 2 hours operation time

3.Flash cure temp :120– 130for 6-12 seconds

4.Curing temp :120– 130for about 10 -20 minutes

Flocking silicone printing tips:

1.A,Flocking silicone mixing :

Flocking silicone XG-10000A 100G

Silicone catalyst XG-866B-2 3G 3%

Silicone thinner XG-128AH 30G 30%

If dark color flock powder flocking then to mix with some similar color silicone pigments with flocking

silicone ink.

B,Flocking silicone mixing if need excellent fastness :

Flocking silicone XG-10000A 100G

Flocking agent XG-360Z-3X 20-30G

Silicone catalyst XG-866B-2 4.8-5.2 G 4%

Silicone thinner XG-128AH 30G 30%

2.Flocking silicone printing :

Flocking silicone ink to print 3 times(layers)

For first printing need to flash by temp 120-140 degree for thin fabric and coated or special fabric need

print related good fastness silicone for under printing then print flocking silicone .

For second and third flocking silicone printing no need to heat ,print wet on wet to get thicker

application for flock by flocking machine.

3.Flock by flocking machine. Have to keep totally wet to flock, after flocking to heat by temp

120-130 degree for 20-30 seconds

4.Brushing and Air cleaning

5.After cleaning flocks to cure by 120-140for about 3-5 minutes Washing test have to after at

least 24hours

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