1.Clear silicone paste for under coating printing for two times ,can use HD silicone XG-866AH/XG-866A, Round silicone XG-866A-2Y ,or smooth fabriic to use XG-136AB silicone 2.High density printing2-8 times:Above silicone for high density printing HD silicone can get high density faster and easier.If customer no need high density printing the leave this step. 3.Round silicone XG-866A-2Y to mix with glitter or chameleon powder 10%,this same as color effec printing,to use glitter and chameleon powder instead of silicone pigments for printing. 4.Glossy silicone paste XG-399-3 for top coating printing for 1-

2 times. Note:HD silicone XG-866AH/XG-866A , Round silicone XG-866A-2Y and Glossy silicone paste XG-399-3 to mix with the same catalyst XG-866B-2 2% flash temp 120-140 degree. After printing finish to cure by 120-140 degree for 2-3 minutes.

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