1.Round silicone ink print for 6-8 times

Round silicone XG-866A-LK-1 50G Fast dry catalyst XG-866B-2 1G 2% Flash temp: 120 degree

2.Glossy silicone for top coating printing for 1-2 times

Glossy silicone XG-399-3 Fast dry catalyst XG-866B-2 Flash temp: 120 degree

3.After finish printing to heat by 120-140 degree for 2-3 minutes

Tips for round glossy silicone top coating printing :

A.The angel between squeegee & table 60-70 degree,if manual printing about 45-65 degree

B.Keep distance between printing squeegee & screen

C.Less pressure print very soft and slowly try to get more ink pass through the mesh to get round glossy effect.

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