How to Print HD glossy golden silicone Effect?


  1. Mesh&Squeegee: 120(48T) Mesh number; 65-75 degree Squeegee.
  2. Pigments added ratio: For white and fluorescent colors 20%, other colors 10%, glitter powders 10%.
  3. Catalyst mixing ratio: 2% slow dry XG-866B-1 and fast dry XG-866B-2 can mix together for use.
  4. Silicone thinner XG-128A adding ratio: 0-20% Silicone thinner is not necessary for hand printing
  5. Heating Temp and time: Flash cure temp :100℃- 120℃ for 6-10 seconds, Drying temp :120℃- 140℃ for 2-3 minutes.

Silicone ink printing tips:

  • 1. HD silicone XG-866A/866AH for under coating and high density printing for 6-12 layers; :

HD silicone     XG-866A/866AH        100G

Silicone thinner XG-128AH 10G 10%

Fast dry catalyst   XG-866B-2           2G   2%

Cure by the temp of 120℃ for 6-10 seconds.

If fabric with serious hairy or wants to get a more smooth effect kindly assist by heat press machine or iron after the first time printing. After printing keeps wet to heat press by temp 150-170 degree for 10-20 seconds.

  • 2. Round Silicone mixed with the golden powder to print 3 layers:

Round silicone       XG-866A-2Y        100G

Golden powder 6336 10G 10%

Silicone thinner     XG-128AH 20G 20%.

  • 3. Glossy silicone ink or matte silicone ink for top coating:

Glossy top coating for 1-2 times:

Glossy silicone ink   XG-399-3  50G

Fast dry catalyst  XG-866B-2      1G  2%  It will be better to use slow dry catalyst XG-866B-1 and fast dry half and half. If for machine printing to use a slow dry catalyst.

Silicone thinner     XG-128AH  Silicone thinner is not necessary for hand printing,5-10% is enough for machine printing. Cure by the temp of 100-110℃ 10-25 seconds  Has to get silicone bubbles out first, try to use code wind to support and it will be better to use low temp by longer heating time. To avoid bubbles problem.

HD glossy golden silicone ink screen printing
HD glossy Golden Silicone printing

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