1.Screen printing underwear bonding silicone print 1-2 layer

Bonding silicone XG-866NY-25H 100G

Fast dry catalyst XG-866B-2 2%

Hand print add 2% XG-866B-2, elliptical machine print add 2% XG-866B-1 slow printing additives, 2-3% XG-ET-01, and 20-30% XG-128AH print 7-9 times, according to the customer’s requirements of the thickness of the number of times of adjustment of the printing.

2.To stick a piece of underwear fabric on printed fabric,and smooth by tools

3.Flat ironing machine temperature 170-190 degrees ,time 15-16 seconds.

Oven temperature 120-130 degrees,time 20-25 minutes

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