1.Breaking rubber

Use the rubber crusher to crush the weighed natural rubber (the main component of tires is natural rubber) into the appropriate particle size by the discharge port, and in the crushing at the same time cleaning to remove the dust, impurities.


Put the crushed natural rubber, recycled rubber, rubber powder and other raw materials into the mixer according to the proportion. Then start the mixer, stirring for 120 seconds, so that the rubber and chemical raw materials are fully mixed. After the time is over, take out the raw materials and put them into a specific barrel.


Pour the raw materials in the barrel into the flatbed machine and press them into tablets, the refiners of Sanmen Jindun Rubber & Plastic use the refining process of hitting triangular packs in the process of pressing tablets, so that the rubber and the chemical raw materials can be mixed more fully and evenly. After repeating the pressing operation for several times, the sheet rubber is rolled up to complete the sheet out.

Finally, the rolled up sheet rubber semi-finished product is unfolded and placed at the pick-up area, and the refining process is finished.

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