Plasticizing, mixing, calendering, pressing out, molding, vulcanizing 6 basic processes.

一.Preparation of raw materials:

  1. The main raw material of rubber products is raw rubber as the basic material, and raw rubber is grown in the tropics, subtropics, rubber trees by manually cutting open the bark to collect.
  1. Various matching agent: in order to improve some of the properties of the rubber products to join the auxiliary materials.
  2. Fiber materials (cotton, linen, wool and a variety of man-made fibers, synthetic fibers) and metal materials (steel wire, copper wire) are As a rubber product skeleton material to enhance the mechanical strength, limit product deformation. During raw material preparation, ingredients must be weighed accurately according to the formula. In order to make the raw rubber and with the agent can be mixed evenly with each other, the material needs to be processed: raw rubber should be baked at 60 – 70 ℃ in the drying room after baking soft, and then cut the rubber, broken rubber into small pieces; with the agent there are: lumps, such as paraffin, stearic acid, rosin, etc. to be crushed; powdered if it contains mechanical impurities or coarse particles need to be screened to remove the liquid, such as (pine tar, gumaroon) need to be heated, melted, evaporation of water, filtration of impurities The compounding agent should be dried, otherwise it will be easy to agglomerate, mixing, if it can not be dispersed uniformly, the vulcanization of air bubbles, which will affect the quality of the product.

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