Glossy Silicone Ink for Machine Printing XG-399-3

For fabric that prints transparent silicone or color layer for glossy top coating. With excellent glossy and fast leveling with no bubbles problems.

Silicone Ink Embossing HD 3D

Printing on the back of fabrics to get high-density sharp effect by embossing machine. Easy to release from mold, good softness, good washing test results.

Anti-Slip Silicone Ink for Socks and Gloves

Soft hand feels, easy high-density and glossy effect, super anti-slip effect for socks, and knitting gloves. Anti-slip silicone printing ink for socks and gloves.

Dipping Silicone Ink Natural Drying for Shoelace

Four types of catalysts: Fast dry, mid dry, slow dry, and Extra slow dry. Easy dry, easy pigment. Good fastness and washing. Suitable for shoelace dipping tipping.

Silicone Ink Heat Transfer XG-866A-2Y

For heat transfer printing, mixed with glitter or powders. Sportswear undercoating and color layer printing. CMYK printing with good fastness and elasticity.

3D Embossing Silicone Ink High-Density XG-360KY

Catalyst XG-360B mixing ratio of 10%. Printing on the back of fabrics to get a high-density sharp effect by embossing machine. Gets a 3d silicone printing on fabric effect.