How to make flocking by silicone ink?


  1. Mesh&Squeegee: 120(48T) Mesh number; 65-75 degree Squeegee.
  2. Catalyst mixing ratio:2% after mixing with catalyst about 4 hours of operation time.
  3. Flash cure temp: 100℃- 120℃ for 6-10 seconds.
  4. Drying temp: 120℃- 140℃ for about 2 -5 minutes.

Flocking silicone printing tips:

  1. Flocking silicone mixing:
    Flocking silicone XG-20000A 100G
    Silicone catalyst XG-20000B 10G 10%
    Flocking agent XG-20000C 3G 3%
  2. Flocking silicone printing :
    Flocking silicone ink to print 3 times
    For first printing need to flash by temp 100-130 degree
    For second and third printing no need to heat, print wet on wet to get a thicker application for flock by flocking machine.
  3. flock by flocking machine.
    Have to keep totally wet to flocking
  4. Curing
    After flocking finish, to cure by 130℃ for about 3-5 minutes depends on flocking size.
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