Raised effect: Silicone ink is usually a rubbery material that creates a raised pattern during the printing process. This 3D effect simulates the feel of toothbrush bristles, adding a unique feel and look to the garment.

Soft touch: The patterns printed with silicone ink usually have a certain softness, making the garment feel gentle and soft to the touch, and more three-dimensional than traditional printing.

Durability: Silicone ink printing on clothing usually has good durability and can withstand washing and wearing, maintaining the integrity and three-dimensionality of the pattern.

High Gloss: Silicone inks typically exhibit a high gloss, adding to the visual appeal of the pattern. This glossy effect can make clothing more eye-catching in different lights.

Colorful Options: Silicone ink can come in different colors, providing more design options. It can be used to create rich patterns and details to make clothing more vivid and interesting.

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