Silicone label embossing process:

1.Mixing moulding silicone ink

Moulding silicone ink XG-360W 50G

Moulding silicone catalyst XG-360WB 5G (mixing ratio 10%)

Silicone pigments 2-4%

2.Vacuum by vacuum machine

Mixing together well and vacuum by vacuum machine.

Fill the liquid moulding silicone on the mold move to vacuum by vacuum machine

3.Fill the vacuumed silicone ink on the mold

4.Vacuum by vacuum machine again

5.Heat press by embossing machine

Embossing Machine set temp:Upper mold 180 degree

Bottom mold about 50-60 degree

Heating time 8-15 seconds (depends on temp and design size)Heat press the mold that with vacuumed silicone ink on the fabric.

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