Silicone MoldingTransfer Sticker Logo Making process:

1.Filling bellow mixing moulding silicone ink together into the mould

Moulding silicone XG-360W 60G

Silicone catalyst

XG-360WB 6G 10%

Pigments 1.2-2.4G 2-4%

2.Get the hot melt paper on the silicone ink filled mould

(Kindly noted that his hotmelt paper is a type of special one that with both crossing linker and glue layer)

3.Machine heat press including vacuum , venting and curing together ,this should get special

machine with Vacuum funtion together

Cure temp :

Uper temp 80-90 degree

Bottom temp 130-140 degree

Press for about 1 minutes including vacuum and curing

4.Shift the stickers on the position paper

5. Heat press the stickers on heat press machine by 160-170 degree for 15-30 seconds

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