Today we welcomed a special customer from Turkey who showed great interest in our company’s glossy silicone technology. This visit not only won high recognition for our company’s silicone products, but also secured an order in a short period of time.

Our workshop engineers demonstrated the most advanced glossy silicone technology to this Turkish customer, especially our proud rope-dipped silicone. This novel and unique technology not only demonstrates our company’s outstanding strength in the field of silicone, but also attracts customers’ strong interest in the product.

After the detailed display and explanation, Turkish customers were very excited about the glossy silicone technology and expressed strong interest in our products. He hurriedly asked to take away some samples to have a more comprehensive understanding of our silicone products.

What’s exciting is that customers get in touch with us the next day and place orders and pay promptly. This fully reflects the high degree of trust that customers have in our company’s technology and products, and also proves the appeal and market potential of XG glossy silicone technology.

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