When it comes to color performance on prints, glossy silicone inks are an outstanding choice. It enables full and vivid colors in prints, ensuring that the colors of products and brands are faithfully reproduced.

Rich color expression: Glossy silicone inks stand out for their excellent pigment dispersion and outstanding print quality. It delivers deep, rich colors, making prints look more vivid and eye-catching.

Color Consistency: The color of glossy silicone inks is consistent across different materials, which means you can maintain color consistency across a variety of printing applications, whether on promotional materials, packaging or other printed matter.

Color Faithful Reproduction: Glossy silicone inks have the ability to accurately reproduce brand and product specific colors, which is critical to brand consistency and recognition. It ensures the faithful reproduction of printed colors and makes the brand image more professional and credible.

Diverse Applications: Glossy silicone inks are suitable for a variety of printing applications, from advertising materials to packaging design, and can achieve full color performance.

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