Our company is welcoming an important business negotiation. Suppliers from world-class supermarket chains came to our company with bottled products for in-depth business cooperation negotiations. After rigorous product testing, our screen printing silicone not only successfully demonstrated its excellent performance in the clothing category, but also gained great recognition in terms of bottle adhesion.

During product testing, suppliers fully understood the properties of our screen-printed silicone, especially its versatility in the apparel category. Not only does silicone print well on clothes, but it also performs quite well on bottle adhesion, providing long-lasting and strong adhesion to the bottle surface. Highly praised the performance of our silicone products, especially in the field of bottle applications

XG silicone takes professional services as its mission and establishes a trustworthy brand image in the minds of customers. Professional team, excellent technology, and thoughtful service will make customers feel the value of cooperation with the company and establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships.

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