Two types

one is glossy coating film which will be glossy after heating press on fabric another one is matte finish effect after heating press on fabric

Mesh number:120-200

Mesh(screen film )thickness 0.1-0.2MM,it is depends on printing Artworks

Squeegee:65-80 degree

Printing tips

1.Transfer silicone color layer printing for 3-8 layers

Transfer silicone XG-866A-3Y 100G

Pigments or special powders 10-20G (10-20% white&fluorescent 15-20% other colors 10%)

Silicone catalyst XG-866B-2 3G 3%

Silicone thinner XG-128AH 10-20G 10-20% Flash by 100 to120 degree. For the last color layer keep wet no need to heat.

2.Transfer Silicone ink mix with transfer agent for mid layer printing for 2 layers

Transfer silicone XG-866A-3Y 50G

Silicone thinner XG-128AH 10-20G 10-20%

Silicone catalyst XG-866B-2 1.5G 3%

Silicone transfer agent XG-MZ 2.5G 5%

No need to heat, wet on wet print two layers on wet red transfer silicone ink layer

3.Hot melt glue XG-360R-2 print for 4-6 layers

To use cyclohexanone to liquid the glue,mixing ratio 10%,if glue to be thick and choke the mesh screen Flash by room temp or by 80-100 degree

4.After finish, put into the oven to bake by 100 degree for 30 minutes

5.Heat press the sticker on the heat transfer press machine by the temp of 160-170 degree for 10-16 seconds under pressure of 4KG

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