1.Start the power supply

2.Add the right amount of paste: power startup is complete, to add the right amount of paste to the oil pan steel plate, and then dilute the paste with thinner, you can press the operation before and after the key to operate.

3.Scraper to scrape off the paste: scraper to scrape off the excess paste on the steel plate, leaving only paste on the etched surface.

4. The tip of the adhesive paste: located directly above the steel plate will be pressed down, the paste is then stained on the surface of the tip.

5.Pattern transfer: the adhesive head with paste will rise vertically, then move laterally to the top of the product, and fall firmly to transfer the pattern on the product.

6.Remove the rubber head: after the pattern printing, the rubber head will slowly rise, and change back to the original shape. Wait for the next printing.

7.Turn off the power: After printing or need to take a break, the power should be turned off to reduce the cost of loss and the chance of accidents.

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