Silicone ink PET films:

Two types : one is glossy coating film which will be glossy after heating press on fabric ,another one is matte finish effect after heating press on fabric.

Mesh number: 120-200 , Mesh(screen film )thickness 0.1-0.2MM,it is depends on printing Artworks. Squeegee:65-80 degree .

Printing tips:

  • 1. Transfer silicone color layer printing for 3-8 layers  :

Transfer silicone    XG-866A-3Y       100G

Pigments or special powders       10-20G  (10-20% white&fluorescent 15-20% other colors 10%)

Silicone catalyst       XG-866B-2             3G  3%

Silicone thinner         XG-128AH          10-20G    10-20%

Flash by 100 to120 degree. For the last color layer keep wet no need to heat.

  • 2. Transfer Silicone ink mix with transfer agent for mid layer printing for 2 layers :  

Transfer silicone            XG-866A-3Y       50G

Silicone thinner             XG-128AH          10-20G    10-20%

Silicone catalyst            XG-866B-2          1.5G    3%

  Silicone transfer agent      XG-MZ              2.5G   5%

No need to heat, wet on wet print two layers on wet red transfer silicone ink layer.

  • 3. Hot melt glue XG-360R-2 print for 4-6 layers.

To use cyclohexanone to liquid the glue,mixing ratio 10%,if glue to be thick and choke the mesh screen  Flash by room temp or by 80-100 degree.

  • 4. After finish, put into the oven to bake by 100 degree for 30 minutes .
  • 5. Heat press the sticker on the heat transfer press machine by the temp of 160-170 degree for 10-16 seconds under pressure of 4KG.

TIPS:Kindly doing test before productions every time.

XG HD transfer silicone ink for silicone transfer stickers printing
XG silicone transfer agent for silicone transfer stickers making

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