Silicone Pulling Stone Printing is a printing technology, also known as silicone printing or silicone transfer printing, commonly used to transfer patterns, text or logos to various irregular shapes or surfaces, such as ceramics, glass, metal, plastics wait. This technique typically uses a silicone pad or stamp to transfer ink from a printing plate to the silicone pad, and then print the pattern from the silicone pad onto the target object.

The steps for silicone transfer include:

Prepare the design: First, you need to prepare the pattern or text you want to transfer and make it into a printing plate or printing template.

Inking: Apply ink to the printing plate, making sure the ink fully enters the grooves or recesses of the pattern.

Transfer: A silicone pad or stamp is pressed against the printing plate and the ink adheres to the silicone pad.

Printing: Gently press the silicone pad on the surface of the target object to transfer the ink from the silicone pad to the target object to form the desired pattern or text.

Curing: Depending on the type and requirements of the ink, the printed object may need to be cured to ensure that the pattern adheres firmly to the surface of the object.

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