PU film is soft to the touch, with good elasticity and crease resistance. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, nylon, etc., and is widely used in the fields of garments, bags, shoes, etc. PU lettering film also has good printing adaptability and color vividness, which can meet a variety of personalized needs.

PVC film is favored for its high covering power and good matte effect. It is suitable for the design of large area patterns, numbers and letters, mainly used in cotton apparel fabrics, PVC lettering film has a super soft feel, high temperature hot stamping does not deform, does not peel off the glue, does not lose color, and is easy to carve and cut.

TPU film is a relatively new material, it combines the advantages of PU and PVC, with better elasticity and crease-resistant performance, but also has excellent abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.TPU lettering film is suitable for a variety of high-end fabrics, such as silk, wool and so on, to meet the higher quality requirements.



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