Surface gloss:
Matt (Matt): Matte surface presents a more delicate and softer luster without obvious reflection. This treatment is often used when it is necessary to reduce reflections, avoid light spots, or increase the appearance of the product.
Glossy: The glossy surface will have more obvious luster and reflection, making it look smoother and brighter. Gloss treatment is usually used when it is necessary to highlight the surface gloss, increase the visual appeal of the product, or simulate the effect of a specific material.

Feel and look:
Matte: Matte surfaces are generally softer to the touch, more natural in appearance, less likely to reflect surrounding light, and have a more low-key texture.
Glossy: Glossy surfaces may be smoother to the touch, more eye-catching in appearance, and can reflect light better, showing a more obvious reflection effect.

Wear resistance:

Matte: Generally speaking, matte treatment may be relatively more wear-resistant because its surface does not show scratches so easily.
Gloss: Gloss-finished surfaces may be more susceptible to scratches, so special attention may be needed in some situations where wear resistance is a concern.

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