1, High Transparency: HD silicone has excellent transparency, able to accurately capture and preserve the details and texture of your model. This is very important for manufacturing products such as thin wool fabrics that require high-precision molding.

2, Softness: It has high softness, making it easier to release from the mold, thus retaining the details of the model. This is especially important for muslin molds with complex shapes and rich details.

3, Heat resistance: It has good heat resistance and can withstand the curing temperature of the molding material. This ensures that the silicone is not damaged during the molding process, affecting the quality of the final product.

4, Chemical stability: HD silicone generally has good stability to chemicals, which helps ensure that unexpected reactions do not occur during the molding process and affect the quality of the mold.

5, Precision: The process of HD silicone mold making can accurately replicate every detail of the model, allowing for highly precise molding. This is important for making thin woolen fabrics that require a highly detailed texture.

6, Durability: Good quality HD silicone molds usually have high durability and can be used for multiple moldings, reducing production costs.

7, Customizability: Diverse and customized designs can be easily achieved using HD silicone molds because silicone is able to accurately replicate the details and shape of the prototype.

8, Production efficiency: HD silicone molds are made relatively quickly, and the molding process is also relatively efficient, which can improve production efficiency.

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