As a fast and efficient printing method, puff ink printing technology has been widely used in many fields. From footwear to protective clothing, let’s explore the application areas of inkjet printing technology on different products.

puff ink printing technology can be applied to various types of footwear products, including sports shoes, casual shoes, sandals, etc. Designers can use this technology to achieve a variety of unique patterns and design effects on the uppers, making the shoes more personalized and attractive.

T-shirts and sportswear are one of the most common areas of application for inkjet printing technology. Through this technology, complex patterns, logos or text can be printed on the surface of clothing, making T-shirts and sportswear more fashionable and personalized.

inkjet printing technology can also be used to print hats, including baseball caps, peaked caps and other types. Designers can achieve a variety of design effects on hats, from simple logos to complex patterns, all through puff ink printing technology.

Yoga pants and swimsuits often need to be soft, comfortable and durable, and inkjet printing technology can meet these needs. This technology enables a variety of unique design effects on yoga pants and swimsuits, making them more personalized and attractive.

inkjet printing technology can also be applied to the printing of socks and gloves. Whether it is a simple pattern or a complex pattern, it can be realized with this technology, adding new design elements and personalized features to socks and gloves.

In the industrial and medical fields, puff ink printing technology is also widely used in the printing of protective clothing. These protective clothing often need to be highly durable and identifiable, and puff ink printing technology can meet these needs

 Applications:Shoes, T-shirts, hats, sportswear, yoga pants, swimsuits, socks, gloves, protective clothing, silicone products.


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