Color performance of glossy silicone ink
Glossy silicone inks stand out for their excellent color performance. It can produce full, vibrant colors, making prints more visually eye-catching. Not only that, it is also capable of achieving finer details in prints, providing outstanding quality of prints.

Flexibility for multi-material printing
Glossy silicone ink is suitable for use on a variety of materials including paper, plastic, glass, metal and textiles. The flexibility of this multi-material printing makes it the first choice for a variety of industries. Whether you are printing packaging, advertising, logos or fashion products we can meet your needs.

XG Elastic silicone ink for ELastic ribbon printing
XG Elastic silicone ink for ELastic ribbon printing

Durability and weather resistance
Glossy silicone ink has excellent durability and weather resistance, ensuring that prints can maintain bright and stable colors in different environments. This is especially important for outdoor advertising, signage and long-term preservation of printed matter.

Sustainable printing options
As sustainability comes to prominence, glossy silicone inks are following the trend. It is an eco-friendly printing option that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has a lower impact on the environment. This makes choosing glossy silicone inks ideal for businesses pursuing sustainable printing.

Personalization and innovation
Most importantly, glossy silicone inks drive personalization and innovation in printing. Brands and designers can create unique and eye-catching prints through its superior color performance, fine detail and flexibility of multi-material printing. This enables them to stand out from the competition in the market.

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