solid silicone rubber

01 Product

Solid silicone rubber molding before the raw material is a solid piece, through the mixer mixing machine, cutting machine cut into products and molds of the appropriate size and thickness, and then put into the mold, pressure molding machine under a certain temperature molding. Solid silicone is transparent and environmentally friendly materials, molding need to add vulcanizing agent to speed up the vulcanization of molding time, open mold casting molding.

02 Application

It is the solid form of silicone rubber before vulcanization, because it needs to be mixed before processing, so it is also called mixing silicone rubber. This kind of silicone rubber is a synthetic rubber made by adding raw silicone rubber to the double-roller refining machine or closed kneading machine and gradually adding white carbon black, silicone oil and other additives repeatedly.

03 Features

Solid silicone rubber has excellent thermal stability, high and low temperature resistance, can work for a long time at -60 ℃ ~ +250 ℃, ozone resistance, weather resistance, and good electrical properties, corona, arc, spark resistance, chemical stability, weather aging resistance, radiation resistance, physiological inertia, good air permeability. Widely used in aviation, cable, electronics, electrical appliances, chemical, instrumentation, cement, automotive, construction, food processing, medical equipment and other industries, for molding, extrusion and other mechanical deep processing use.

04 Certificate

Solid silicone gets REACH test report, OEKO-TEX certification, safety data sheet, and goods transportation conditions identification, we will also provide TDS for the product.

05 After-sales

We have a professional team of R & D and production, for any problem of the product can be timely like our staff feedback, we will promptly solve.

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