Silicone heat transfer stickers

01 Applications

Silicone heat transfer stickers are versatile decorations used to apply designs, logos, or text onto various fabrics and materials. These stickers use silicone-based materials to create durable, flexible, and heat-resistant designs.

02 Advantages

A.Silicone is tough, allowing stickers to withstand repeated washing and wear without peeling or fading.

B.These stickers are flexible, which is ideal for stretchy or athletic fabrics.

C.Silicone can provide a raised, rubbery texture, adding depth and tactile interest to designs.

03 used for

Sportswear and athletic apparel

Custom clothing and uniforms

Merchandise and promotional items

Home textiles like pillows and curtains

04 FAQ

Q1:What are silicone heat transfer stickers?

It are decals or designs made from silicone-based material, applied to fabrics and other materials using heat and pressure. They are used for decorating clothing, sportswear, merchandise, and more.

Q2:How are it applied?

These stickers are typically applied using a heat press or an iron. The heat and pressure activate the adhesive, allowing the sticker to bond to the fabric. The process requires specific temperature, time, and pressure settings for optimal results.

Q3:What are the advantages of it?

It are durable, flexible, heat-resistant, and resistant to wear and tear. They offer a textured feel and are less prone to cracking or peeling. They can be used on a variety of fabrics, including stretchy materials.

Q4:Can it be used on all types of fabric?

Silicone heat transfer stickers are compatible with many fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends. However, certain delicate fabrics or heat-sensitive materials may not be suitable for high temperatures. Test on a small area or check with the manufacturer before application.

Q5:Are silicone heat transfer stickers machine washable?

Yes, It are designed to be machine washable. To maintain durability, wash the items inside out, avoid high heat settings, and do not use harsh detergents or bleach.

Q6:Can I create custom designs with it?

Yes, custom designs can be created and transferred using it. Companies offer custom design services, allowing you to create personalized logos, text, or images.

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