How to printing the embossing silicone effect

01 Product

Embossing silicone is a high-performance material widely used in the field of silicone products. It is widely used in process fields such as engraving, printing, and mold making, as well as in practical application scenarios such as touch renovation and anti-slip treatment.

The excellent tensile strength of Embossing silicone ensures the long-lasting durability of the product. Moderate elastic modulus enables excellent performance in various applications. Typically operates over the -50°C to +250°C range. Resistant to chemical corrosion and has good tolerance to acids, alkalis, grease and other chemical substances.

Through advanced embossing technology, the surface of the product presents various unique texture effects, increasing beauty and touch. The surface texture design is not only beautiful, but also provides excellent anti-skid performance, suitable for anti-skid mats, floors and other fields.

02 Materials

Use high-quality silicone rubber raw materials to ensure the basic performance of the product. Embossing silicone has passed REACH and other test reports, and provides personalized customized services to meet the different needs of customers. Using advanced embossing equipment, the silicone surface is embossed into the texture required by the design through a high-temperature and high-pressure process. After embossing, follow-up processing is performed to ensure the stability and texture of the product.

03 Models

Embossing silicone is used in garment embossing technology to shape flowers. It has good shaping effect and strong washability. The typical embossed product models of our company (Huizhou Xinguang Yirun Co., Ltd.) are as follows: XG-360KY, 360KY-55/ 60/65/70/70B
















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