How to printing soft silicone paste

01 Features

Soft silicone paste has good flexibility and can be adapted to various shapes and surfaces for printing needs, ensuring good fit and comfort for printed materials. Good adhesion, can be firmly attached to the material surface. It can print delicate and smooth patterns and text with high clarity and vividness.

02 Process

A.According to different product materials and customer needs to do transparent priming, printing once or twice, baking with the machine 3-4 minutes

B.According to a certain proportion of soft silicone, additives, thinner, the number of printing according to the customer’s situation, with the machine drying a few minutes, and then print the next time

C.According to customer needs to do different effects of the cover, printing 1 time, the temperature of 120 degrees, and then drying

D.Color their own choice of mixing, color number can be more than one stencil for printing, so the number of times according to the color number of the situation of printing, drying machine baking, placed in a dry cool place to dry

03 FAQ

Q1:How is the printing effect of soft silicone paste?

It has excellent printing effect and can print delicate and smooth patterns and text with high clarity and vividness. At the same time, its softness makes the printed materials have a good fit and comfort.

Q2:How to ensure the printing quality of soft silicone paste?

Choose the right printing material such as our’s silicone; secondly, control the printing pressure and speed; lastly, carry out the proper post-treatment process, such as drying and curing. It is also necessary to check and maintain the printing equipment regularly to ensure it is in good working condition.



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