How to printing pad printing silicone

01 Features

A.Complete the transfer process through the adhesive head, the adhesive head has the characteristics of elasticity, curved, not infinite.

B.In line with the requirements of beautiful appearance and good quality of printed materials, thus making the printed materials more flashy.

C.There is no restriction on the shape, plane, curved surface, wave surface, as long as the tip deformation can reach the place can be printed.

D.pad printing silicone layer is thin, can be printed on any surface color, showing very good color performance and printing adaptability, commonly known as universal printing, except water and air can not be printed, any object can be used pad printing silicone.


02 pad printing silicone and screen printing difference

A.pad printing silicone is a kind of screen printing, pad printing silicone can print curved surfaces, of course, can also be printed on the plane, and we generally say that the screen printing, refers to the plane screen printing. pad printing silicone is corrosion pattern on the steel plate, and then through the adhesive head transfer to be printed on the substrate, pad printing silicone advantages, suitable for large and small products, as well as a variety of strange shaped shaped products, shortcomings, there is no sense of touch, the ink layer is relatively thin.

B.Screen printing is through the screen screen pattern printed on the substrate, screen printing advantages, feel, and can be a large plane screen printing, disadvantages are not suitable for shaped products, screen printing process ink layer is relatively thick.

03 Certificates

Our company silicone products, the strict implementation of NIKE RSL, ADIDAS A-01 standard through the REACH and ZDHC Level3 related testing, and access to OEKO-TEX-ECO Passport certification. The testing equipment is complete.



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