How to printing matte silicone?Silicone leather texture effect

01 Features

Matte finish silicone is a material commonly used in printing and coating processes, with some unique features:.

A.It can produce a matte or semi-matte surface effect, which makes the surface of printed or coated materials look softer and non-reflective.

B.Silicone material has good abrasion resistance, which can enhance the durability and scratch resistance of printed materials.

C.It can provide good transparency and keep the original colors and patterns of the prints or coatings clearly visible.

D.It usually has excellent chemical stability and good compatibility with different types of inks, coatings and substrates.

E.It can be blended and processed as needed to meet the requirements of different prints or coatings.

02 Quality control

A.Check whether the surface of the silica gel is evenly coated and free from bubbles, impurities and other defects.

B.Use hardness tester to test whether the hardness of silica gel meets the specification.

C.Test the adhesion between the silicone and the substrate to ensure its firmness.

D.Test the abrasion resistance of the silica gel by simulating the conditions of use.

03 FAQ

Q1:What should I do if there are air bubbles on the surface of the silicone?

It may be caused by the air not completely discharged during the coating process, you can try to adjust the coating parameters or use vacuum de-aeration equipment.

Q2:Why is the matte effect of the print uneven?

It may be due to uneven coating of silicone or uneven surface of the substrate, you can adjust the coating parameters or treat the surface of the substrate.

Q3:Why is there color difference after silicone coating?

It may be caused by silicone formula or printing substrate, we suggest to check the formula or use the same type of substrate.

Q4:How to improve the abrasion resistance of matte silicone?

You can adjust the silicone formula or add abrasion resistance agent to enhance its abrasion resistance.

Q5:Why does the matte finish silicone gel wrinkle after coating?

It may be because the temperature or humidity is not suitable during the coating process, you can adjust the coating environment parameters.


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