How to printing Manual printing silicone


Manual printing silicone can be printed with a variety of effects. Glossy, matte, right angles, rounded corners. Environmentally friendly textile silicone, with good adhesion, high strength, soft and delicate feel, water washing resistance, multiple washings will not fall off, not annoying sticky, abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, printing will not penetrate, printing smooth and flat, three-dimensional sense of strong, beautiful decorative effect, excellent performance, non-toxic and harmless.

02 Parameters

Manual printing silicone can be matched with color paste, surface adhesive, hardener, thinner, any of our products silicone with professional additives, etc., according to the customer’s material and the effect of providing the proportion of diluent according to the usual silicone 10%, additives 3-5%. If you have any questions, you can also provide the fabric, the company can carry out sample test ratio.

03 Process

  1. According to the material and the effect of the primer, the number of times about 1-3 times, each time after printingManual printing silicone, baking table dry printing party can print the second time, it is recommended to scrape the printing at 70 degrees or so.
  2. With a little color paste color, the company has a variety of color paste, customers can buy color paste to adjust their own color, or we provide the required color paste
  3. The cover has matte and glossy two kinds of effects, both of which have their own characteristics.

04 Certificate

Our silicone products, strictly implement the NIKE RSL, ADIDAS A-01 standard through the REACH and ZDHC Level3 related testing, and obtain OEKO-TEX-ECO Passport certification. The testing equipment is complete.


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