How to print tooth brush silicone effect on elastic


01  Overview

Toothbrush silicone allows for three-dimensional, raised patterns or pattern details. With good durability and elasticity, the effects brushed onto garments can often withstand multiple wears and washes without damage. This process can be customized to the designer’s specifications, creating three-dimensional effects in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for more versatility in garment design. The silicone material itself can be adapted to a wide range of colors and effects, and designers can take advantage of its properties to create colorful and original garment decoration effects.

02  Features

A.Toothbrush silicone material can be flexibly applied to various types of clothing, including T-shirts, hats, shoes, etc., increasing the flexibility and diversity of design.

B.Some silicone materials are environmentally friendly, do not contain harmful substances, and are friendly to the human body and the environment.

C.Silicone materials have good waterproof performance, which makes the designs brushed on garments stay in good condition during daily washing.

D.The three-dimensional effect of brushed silicone material usually does not affect the wearing comfort of the garment because the silicone material itself is soft and flexible.

03  FAQ

Q1:Does toothbrush silicone come off easily?

Silicone material generally has good adhesion and does not come off easily, but it may still come off during frequent rubbing or cleaning.

Q2:Is it suitable for all types of garments?

Silicone materials are generally suitable for most fabrics and textiles, but testing may be required for garments made of certain specialized materials to ensure effectiveness and durability.

Q3:What should I pay attention to when washing?

Hand washing is recommended. Avoid scrubbing with overly strong detergents or brushes to avoid damaging the brushed silicone part.

Q4:Will it affect the breathability of the garment?

Generally speaking, the silicone material brushed on the garment will not significantly affect its breathability, but it may be affected if the pattern is too dense or thick, which needs to be taken into consideration when designing.



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